Pallid Strawberries – Sables D’Azur 2007

You’ve tasted them.  They’re those tiny seed specked orange & pale patchwork fruits that simply weren’t left on the vine long enough to develop the sweet vibrant red that is the lovely RIPE strawberry.  That’s exactly what the Sables D’Azur reminds me of.  An under-ripe strawberry.  The acidity is so strong that it faught heartily with the lemon juice, yogurt and curry dressing of the salad I made for dinner tonight… and it wasn’t a terribly pleasant pairing.   Let’s blame that on my gamble of a selection, though!  I was looking for something that would compliment the spicy, Indian flavors of the meal I was cooking and I thought a nice pink rose would do just fine – especially since this gorgeous 80 degree weather requires a nice chilled wine.  I can’t imagine sweating profusely and sipping on a thick red right now.  But yet again, I digress!  The Sables D’ Azur 2007  (product of France – Cotes De Provence) caught my eye at  the Ballard Market in their giant Rose display due to its distinctive bottle shape.  Absolutely gorgeous color, too – a luminous peach pink that would make sunsets envious, to be ridiculously hyperbolic.  I just can’t get over the fact that it smells and tastes like under-ripe strawberries!  This wine, despite the fact that it is pink, is decidedly on the acidic side with no hint of sweetness.  This can be great if you need balancing of something fatty or sweet, but definitely not the versatile wine I was looking for.  The other thought that entered my mind was that it was a little like a flat brut champagne.  If that is what you are in the market for folks, be my guest – but if not, consider yourself warned!  A link to the delicious chickpea curry salad I made tonight gets all of my accolades: