The Amiable Party Guest – gaVin Syrah – 2007, Columbia Valley

gaVin’s name doesn’t even show up in a Google search – but we invited him to Sunday dinner anyways. And although the Moroccan-Style Braised Chicken Thighs were really the star of the dinner, gaVin still left an indelible mark on the evening. In fact, we continued to enjoy gaVin’s company well after every scrap of chicken was picked off of the bone, every grain of couscous scraped off of the porcelain plate. The bottle is empty, and that is clearly the best sign of a vinous success.

What gaVin brought was a high acidity but mellow flavor that complemented the lemony facet of the Moroccan inspired dinner. A very food-friendly wine, the alcohol content was held in check (14.2%) and did not overwhelm or incinerate your tastebuds, which some (I’m not naming any names!) American wines are guilty of. Instead, we left that job to the chiles de arbol that flavored the dish we enjoyed in tandem with our grape beverage.

The wine was considerate and lovely with aromas of sun warmed grapes and a clear garnet color. Straight from the bottle, immediately drinkable, and immediately available to bring over to your friend’s house to share at a dinner party, gaVin is a delightful party guest! I can’t promise he won’t leave you a little dizzy, though. 14.2% can sneak up on you!

Savour (local specialty shop in Ballard), gaVin Syrah, 2007, $11.95